We had our first open water presentations yesterday. First we had a deep dive, perfectly planned idea by Georgia. Gave us a chance to relax, dive, see some fish and get more comfortable with the local area.

Next was the presentations. I was extremely nervous, I’m trained ssi until my padi dive master and never assisted a padi course.. Demonstrate SMB inflation? Sounds easier enough, but I was nervous, how should it look, what if I miss a step. Well it’s as easy as it sounds. However JT did have to explain to me when watching our “students” not to anticipate and make up problems because we think we will always have to identify one. I love this program and all the learning so far.

When I first arrived here I thought there was no way I was ready for this. When I see the training standards Georgia has, compared to my training experience.. It’s like comparing apples to bananas. Luckily for me Georgia is able to work with any candidate at any level and bring them up to a higher acceptable level. My outlook on diving and training standards have increased exponentially.

Looking forward to today, something I haven’t been able to say the first week due to nerves and anxiety. I’m finally starting to feel like I can do this.


(Photo from 2014 in Thailand)