Today we jumped back in the pool and did our 2nd round of skills presentations… After yesterday’s 1 I was feeling extremely nervous. I turned up an hour early and practiced to boost my confidence. I was happy to go first so I wouldn’t have to be anxious while the others did theirs. Although I wasn’t perfect, I’m very happy with 4.6/5!!!

Next we had a little bit of classroom session followed by our first knowledge presentation. I eagerly volunteered to go first, again, to rid myself of prolonged anxiety. Although I was nervous and spoke like I drank 829 cups of coffee I did very well on that portion also.

Lastly we had our first practice theory exam. Again nerves running high, but I passed all 5 sections, still lots of room for improvement.

Tomorrow is American thanksgiving so we are only doing a half day, thank you Georgia! After today I’m feeling much more confident and a little less silly for yesterday’s less than favourable performance.

During our lunch break I took some time to unwind by twirling around my hula hoop in my very stylish Harry potter bathing suit. Enjoy the photo!

I’m off to do my homework, good night!