Yesterday was the first day of the IDC program. I could barely sleep the night leading up to and was completely anxious all morning. After sitting through the theory class my nerves slowly lessened and my confidence started to grow. “I can do this” I told myself. In the afternoon we went to the pool and did a skills circuit. I’ll admit I wasn’t perfect, but neither was anyone else, and that’s ok. Georgia evaluated every skill and gave tips and advice to improve. Following the skills circuit was a rescue demonstration. Again, I have to admit it wasn’t perfect but Georgia stayed along side giving advice. At the end of the day not only had my nerves disappeared, but my confidence was up, I was feeling great. This morning I’m getting ready for day two, and the first skills presentation. I’m feeling energized, excited, and confident. The fear and anxiety are minimal, just enough to keep me on my toes and ready to learn and develop to the best of my ability.

Thank you Georgia for your support and knowledge, and to the 3 others on this journey with me. We got this!