Today began bright and early with a Risk Management lecture. Fighting to keep my eyes open I decided to brew some coffee to help keep us all alert. The lecture started with a contact video of a real life incident that ended a diver’s life. I’ve seen the video before on you tube but watching it again reinforces the importance of being a conservative diver.

We completed our last in-class presentations. What a difference now from the first ones we did. Everyone got over a 4.0. I know we will rock it in the I.E. My last and final presentation was on signals and behaviors of tired and panicked divers. This one was by far the smoothest presentation to date. I was able to incorporate the white-board and make the exercise as interactive as possible. It wasn’t a perfect score of 5.0 but a close 4.8. I’ll take it.

After lunch we sat down for the second lecture of the day about the Divemaster Course. This time I actually nodded off for a second before Georgia snapped me out of it. For me, sitting through the lectures is the hardest part of the IDC. I either can’t sit still or I start to doze off into space. Both actions are not quite acceptable in the classroom.

Tomorrow we begin the EFR Instructor course. It should be a relaxed day of rescue demos. I’m looking forward to it. Since being here I have had the chance to assist Georgia on two EFR classes and I found them to be rather fun. Tomorrow I am sure she is expecting me to know how to do the demons. It will be a test to see if I remember how she ran the course.