Another gray day today but we were all excited to get in the water. The view of the mountains was beautiful as always as we left Marina Pez Vela. For the first dive our objective was to relax and blow bubbles. Another candidate and I followed Georgia on a deep dive at Punta Quepos. We wandered around, taking some pictures of ourselves wearing a Gopro hat and sunglasses. We peeked inside the shark cave to find one hanging out in there. We swam amongst schools of surgeonfish and porkfish. Before we knew it we were back on the surface preparing for our Open Water briefings.

Back in the water we took turns as student and instructor. Being a student is the best part of these exercises. It is your chance to hone your acting skills with your fellow instructor candidates. As students we are instructed what to do wrong. The acting instructor has to catch and fix the problems that occur. When it was my turn as instructor I completed a alternate air source ascent and weight belt removal at the surface. When we were finished we practiced controlled emergency swimming ascents (CESA) and the rescue scenario. We will see both again in the I.E.

Back on the boat we debriefed our skills. I got a 5 on my weight belt removal presentation! First score of a 5 of the IDC, a huge confidence boost. Now that I got a 5 I have to strive to keep it up.

Tonight is the first annual Bright Lights Boat Parade being held at the Marina Pez Vela. Looking forward to a relaxing evening. Before than can happen, it’s time to get back to preparing for tomorrow’s presentations