It was a cool rainy day that began with pool presentations. Thunder threatened from a far but never delivered a light show thankfully since we had metal tanks strapped to our backs. We all performed much better than previous presentations. I think we are finally getting the hang of it. We took the time to practice rescue scenarios with pocket masks for the first time. In the I.E. we will not get a choice between mouth-to-mouth or pocket mask. The choice will be made for us.

Another candidate and I spent extra time in the pool practicing skills before heading off to our extended lunch break. During lunch we readied ourselves for our in-class presentations by practicing our lectures. After a talk on conducting the Open Water Course, it was time for the hot seat again.

Is it just me or do other people start getting tongue-tied when they have to speak under pressure? English is my only fluent language and sometimes I can’t even speak it properly. I remember taking a public speaking class a few years ago about stage presence and speaking clearly and confidently. No “ums”, or “uhhs”, these verbal crutches were strictly prohibited. Yet I catch myself saying them time and again. Shame on me. However awkward I felt on the spot I delivered and received a 4.8. It’s no 5 but I’ll take it!

Tomorrow we are going out to open water. I can’t wait to be in the ocean again under the waves. The pool is just not the same. The past few days we’ve had to deal with listening to the boat crew tell us how great the visibility has been getting while we spend hours pruning in the pool. Fingers-crossed the visibility stays great for us. I’m really looking forward to a peaceful dive where we can all relax and enjoy ourselves before we have to perform our Open Water Presentations. Speaking of which, I need to prepare for this upcoming presentation. Better get started.

Until tomorrow…