Today when we arrived we were greeted by the poisonous tree frogs that hang out by the classroom upstairs. There are two of them, but to see them you have to be sneaky. They are quite shy. If you are the first one there in the morning make sure to run up there and check them out before they are scared away.

This afternoon after a lecture on presenting in open water we took the dreaded theory exams. In total there are 5 sections, with 20 questions in each. We had 2 hours to complete all 100 questions. I finished first feeling pretty confident. Georgia graded it right away and handed it back to me to look over. The only section I need to work on is physics. I got four wrong. Worst part is they weren’t even the hard questions. I just read the questions too fast and missed the wording (face-palm). Georgia had warned us about thoroughly reading the questions. Thankfully there is a re-test before the I.E. Next time I expect nothing less than 100.

Tomorrow is jammed pack with presentations. On arrival we need to be ready to get in the pool and complete our next confined water presentations. In the afternoon we are continuing on to classroom presentations. For tonight, it’s all about the planning. Tomorrow its time to start seeing some 5’s!