Casey’s Classroom Presentation

Today consisted of two presentations, one in the classroom and one in the pool. The classroom presentations went surprising well considering we were all a little nervous. We kept composed and delivered our presentations calmly. We received feedback on what we could improve upon for next time. I for one, speak quickly, it’s a bad habit that proves to be difficult to shake. Practice, practice, practice, and when in doubt keep practicing. As JT, our master instructor would say, “A 5 is good enough.” Strive for 5’s.

In the pool we delivered our second presentation for the IDC.  I had to demonstrate how to exit an unresponsive diver at the surface using no assistance. It was all going well until I forgot to have one of my “mock” students repeat the skill after they made a mistake. It was an automatic 1 because they didn’t perform the skill to meet standards. Again, when it comes to skills, when in doubt have your students repeat the skill until they have done it properly!

Tomorrow is the theory examination. I feel pretty good about it but some of my fellow candidates are a little worried. Tonight we plan on having a theory workshop to help each other through our weaknesses. It is important to work as a team and have each other’s backs because we are in it together. We have the training and knowledge to back us. There will be no diver left behind!