Being able to sleep in, what a dream come true. Sike. Even though we didn’t have to be at the shop until 9 AM, we all got up early and prepared for the day. The intensity of the walk changes drastically from early morning to midday. You definitely don’t want to find yourself walking there once the sun has taken a prominent place in the sky. Even at 8:30 we could feel the heat of the sun on us. On the way we saw some white-faced or Capuchin monkeys jumping amongst the branches near a hotel along the road.

Today’s lecture was class presentations, which we have to prepare to do tomorrow. Seemed quite simple when Georgia explained it, but now as I sit here looking at my assignment I am drawing blanks. Something so simple as the most important feature of a regular and I am having trouble trying to explain it. Breathing easy, yes? But make it sound interesting. Grab the audience’s attention by relating it to something. The only thing I know for sure I can do is promote a piece of equipment that is relatable…my regulator. As for the rest, I don’t plan one winging it, but I definitely need to sleep on it. Thankfully tomorrow we aren’t in the classroom until noon.

In the afternoon it was time for us to present our skills. For it being our first presentations we all did a great job. We were able to learn from each other’s mistakes and take constructive criticism from our Course Director. We all have new skills assigned for tomorrow. I hope it goes as good if not better than it did today!