Today started out just like any other day. That is until the sky opened up during the 20-minute walk to the shop. Of course today we all had our laptops with us along with our IDC crew packs. Unfortunately we failed to bring our raincoats and our backpacks are not water resistant. Needless to say we showed up with not a minute to spare soaking-wet, clutching our valuables hoping that the electronics were safe.

Once we sat down for the introduction I realized I had forgotten my slates. Thankfully I was not alone. On our two-hour break another candidate and I ran back to the home stay to collect them. This happened to be quite a trek in the midday heat. Returning again dripping wet with our missing slates in hand.

The next presentation was all about presenting in confined water. What a stress relief it was to see what PADI considered to be 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s. I think all of our spirits were lifted; knowing now we can definitely make 5’s in the I.E.!

As our session ended and lunch began we were visited by a lonesome Titi monkey just outside the classroom. The afternoon was spent doing skills in the pool. The monkey joined us poolside as well. We split into teams and began taking turns as instructor and student. With each skill our confidence grew. We ended the pool session with the rescue scenario. Georgia, our Course Director, informed us that we would be practicing it every time we are in the pool. Again this relieved some stress.

Back at the home stay after spending 2 hours searching for binder tabs with no success here I am writing about today. I still have to write my dive resume, prepare a presentation for tomorrow, and get a yoga session in. Thankfully its only 7:30, the night is young. Better get started!