I did my Instructor Course here and there is one thing that stood out. You will do as well as you try. They give you any and every resource you could hope for and you dive endlessly to make sure you’re as comfortable in the water as a cat in a fur-lined box. So it’s quite university-like in that you are expected to use everything to its fullest and they appreciate it when you do.
Everyone there is a character which makes every day a complete joy.

The owners have a sense of organisation that puts NASA to shame, then there are the happiest dogs running around like kids all day long, then the Master Diver is the funniest ex-Army Policeman out there. He knows the lyrics (and release date) to every song ever written (and sings them out loud). Then you have a string of Divemasters in training working the shop like Santa’s Little Helpers and finally the Course Director who taught us the Instructor course. The Course Director is so wonderfully British that you’ll find her looking for her Tetley teabags when it’s 100 Fahrenheit (very hot celsius) and you’re looking for an icepack. But this means you can expect every great and grand British stereotype out there to apply too. And that. Is why we did so well.

When I did my Rescue course in the Caribbean and I had to do a search and recovery exercise, I jumped into the swimming pool-like ocean and i could see my diver 100′ away… That’s not search and rescue! That’s eyesight!

In Quepos the water is perfect for fine-tuning these skills because there are dive sites where you can’t tell your ar*e from your elbow and other sites where you paddle around on holiday. So you learn! Well!

So what can I say? Go Dive. Be Merry.

Visited June 2014