For the upcoming season starting November 1st we are looking for a couple of interns who are looking at working towards their divemaster and/or instructor certifications. Positions are available throughout the year until end of August. The idea behind this is that we are looking for enthusiastic interns, one, for a specifically social media, content creating position, the other, to have more focus on our Project AWARE activities which are in desperate need of inspiration.

Position 1:

In exchange for some free training and a discount on your courses you will need to keep up to date with our social media outlets, posting daily, creating content, writing diaries and articles about your time, as well as all things scuba. The right candidate needs to be able to keep up to date with deadlines, be creative and familiar with social media as well as creative writing. If you are familiar with using a gopro and editing short videos that is a bonus too.


Position 2:

Again, in exchange for free training and discount on your courses, you need to spearhead our environmental programs. This includes but is not limited to, coral watch dives, reef checks, clean ups, organising and promoting talks in local schools. This will also include reporting on these various activities on our website and social media outlets. Applicants need to be organized and keep deadlines, posting and reporting regularly.


Both positions will suit organised and motivated individuals and are available throughout the season, so if you are looking for something later in the year please don’t hesitate to ask as we will be taking people throughout the year.