We started our day in the pool for more of our confined water presentations. I can’t believe how far we’ve come since we started. The transformation from hot mess to actually beginning to look like instructors is amazing. I had some serious doubts about us in the beginning but Georgia has done an awesome job at grooming us into almost competent teachers. We are all so much more relaxed and comfortable. Classes are fun and certainly do not lack humor and laughs. We have quickly created a bond amongst ourselves that, I’m sure, won’t soon be forgotten.

Finished the day with some more classroom presentations and PADI marketing information. Bill’s family arrived from the states today so Georgia gave us the day off tomorrow,  to do as we please. I am going to Manuel Antonio Park for some surf lessons with Bati and Chino, two local surfers that live in the house in which I am staying. My other mission….to find a sloth, dammit!

Ciao for now.