IDC in Costa Rica – Day 2

So today is our first confined water skill presentation. Bill, my homestay roommate, and I are up and at ’em early, gulping down our coffee and nervously reviewing our slates we had prepared while Siday is filling the house with the wonderful aroma of homemade pancakes and packing our lunch. I can’t remember that last time I was sent off to school with a packed lunch. I see now why people call her “Mami”. Our 2 mile trek to the dive shop is mostly uphill, with stairs. LOTS of stairs. I’m actually pretty excited about that because it forces me to exercise whether I like it not, and surprise, after only 4 round trips, I’m getting quite better at it and the scenery is to DIE for!

We arrive early and Patrick, Bill and I got in the pool and practiced some more skills for about an hour and a half. Georgia shows up and briefs us on the day’s plan and we begin presentations, Georgia going first to demonstrate. Personally, at that point, I felt quite confidant. My skill was Air Depletion (stationary). No problem. I GOT this. Patrick went first. he had Loose Cylinder Strap. He was a bit chatty and nervous and a little long winded but very thorough and theatrical, as usual. Next was Bill with Mask Removal and Replace. Although not many are as animated as Patrick, Bill included, he did pretty well and I grew more and more certain that I would nail it, until… it was my turn. I completely choked and was so flustered and nervous, I didn’t know which way was up. I fumbled though my briefing and proceeded to demonstrate underwater, then had my students reciprocate. They were each given a “problem” which I think I did a pretty good job at identifying and correcting. My debrief was so so. After watching Georgia (and countless other instructors before) do her presentation, I was surprised to find just how difficult a simple demonstration was to do.

We finished our day with classroom work and presenting in the classroom. It was a long but informative day and I can’t believe how much I am learning and how much I have yet to learn.

Tomorrow’s assignment: Classroom Presentation