Anyone who has gone through the process of becoming a PADI OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor) knows all about anxiety. When I watched an IDC from the Staff’s prospective, I felt the same butterflies as I did when I entered my own IE (Instructor Exam). Georgia mentioned to me once that no one realizes how stressed the Course Directors are going in to an IE. She’s right; she is a SCUBA God, of course.

As I assisted with the previous IDC (Instructor Development Course), I realized how much anxiety lies on the backs of people giving the knowledge. No one wants to fail; and no one wants to see their students fail. Being sure your candidates know everything they need to know, and then some, is worrisome. Yet, this is all about fun; isn’t it?

At Oceans Unlimited, the IDC is a mixture of stress, studies and most importantly fun. I found it exhilarating to share my knowledge with candidates that would soon become instructors. I got to answer question, give demos and teach. It’s an amazing feeling to sink your own knowledge into someone else brain.

It’s also an incredible feeling to be on the other side of an IDC. I got to help candidates become better. The best thing a diver can do to better their skills and knowledge is to keep learning. Here at Oceans, you get the best learning experience coupled with the best instruction. Teaching candidates to be aware of safety procedures and practices, Oceans has excelled in my book more than time and time again.

I chose Oceans Unlimited on a whim, not really knowing where I would head or end up. I since have furthered my training with Oceans on many levels; MSDT, Staff Instructor and most recently Tec Instructor.

I love teaching, but I love learning even more. I am the diver I am today because of the passion and dedication Oceans Unlimited sends their students away with. I love the Oceans family. I couldn’t have ended up in a better place. Choose Oceans and you will leave with the same feelings I can assure you.

Pura Vida and keep bubbling my friendsJ