Saturday morning came way too early! We arrived at 8 to do our knowledge development presentations at COSI. I was least worried about that, and rightful so, because everyone did well. I even incorporated the Ken doll, which had been a challenge during our IDC knowledge developments. Then we had a couple hour break to head to the shop and prepare/go over our open water presentations. Some of us also took the time to prepare our confined water presentations for Sunday. Open water presentations are the only assignment that does not have a makeup so tensions were high. Briefings were held at the shop and then we headed to the marina for the dive with knots in our stomachs.

It was a beautiful day on the water and we found the perfect spot for the presentations. Our group went first and everyone was 100% focused and ready. From lift bags to CESAs, we had a variety of skills and each person had two skills. We caught all of the problems immediately (because we had such great training!) and surfaced with an optimistic outlook on the skills. While the other group did their presentations we did our rescue demos, but since we had pretty much done this every day of the IDC we were perfectly comfortable with the rescues!

After the second group surfaced we headed back to the shop for debriefs. Again everyone knocked the entire presentation out of the park! Several fives were awarded, and I think everyone made over a 4 (3.4 is passing). With open water presentations behind us, everyone had a great weight lifted, and I think we all slept a little better that night!