I can’t believe the IE is just around the corner. Now that presentations are done for the IDC, everyone’s nerves are rising for the IE.

Today we did our emergency first responder instructor training. We moved our classroom to our outdoor location for the day to get fresh air and had some fun with the skills. Our CPR demos are on point although I will say infant CPR is the trickiest. We all passed our test after going over the skills so we have that cert under our belts. Now to just look ahead…

Since we finished a bit early today we had time to grab the hammock and head to the beach for a beautiful sunset. Can’t beat ending your day with the salt air, crashing waves, and beautiful Costa Rican sunset!

Tomorrow should be a fun day… Well we have retakes for dive theory and general standards, BUT after that we are back in the ocean for some fun presentations for adventure dives. Nothing like the diving in the ocean to clear our heads and renew our passion. Can’t wait to bubble around!