What a wonderful day! Day 8 has definitely been the best of the IDC so far. We started the day in the pool for our last confined presentations and the water really got my brain. Everyone kicked butt with the majority of us getting 5s on our presentations! Even after our standards exam and then a lesson on the dive master course, we got out around 2. After some delicious birthday cake a couple of us took advantage of the free afternoon to do some fun dives in the ocean. It was exactly what I needed and, man, was the water beautiful! Now I feel like I’m mentally ready to take on the rest of the IDC and rock out the IE.

When I realized I was going to be in the IDC during my birthday I was kind of bummed, but I think it’s been my best birthday so far! My Costa Rican family at Oceans Unlimited really made my day special. I spent my afternoon doing what I love best, diving! And I spent the morning learning how to teach others my passion. A day spent diving in a beautiful country surrounded by a supportive and loving dive shop family really makes for a perfect birthday. Pura vida and cheers to the last few hours of my birthday (oh, and the rest of the IDC)!