confined water presentationsI’m going to start with an apology. I’m so mentally and physically exhausted that this post might not make the most sense, so forgive me. Today we began the day discussing the rescue course. You know that is always serious fun! 🙂 The next item on the agenda was some marketing discussions. We have a great role model to follow with plenty of marketing advice, so it was a very effective talk. Everyone has ideas what they can do to better market themselves and their dive shop.

The afternoon was spent in the pool, but I think I left my brain in the classroom. It was a beautiful day but I had a hard time focusing on anything. Everyone did great and passed today…except me. I did learn that when a CESA is 30 feet you can’t measure from the wall of the pool when the students start a few feet in front of the wall. As JT always says “the standard is the standard” so I’m a lucky recipient of ANOTHER 1. Ugh! After the confined water presentations we did a quick DSD session and then some more rescues (yes, we do rescues every time we are in water, but that means plenty of practice!).

Tomorrow is my birthday so hopefully my brain and enthusiasm join me and we will have a fun day in the pool and classroom. And fingers crossed we get out a bit early for my birthday present!