PADI IDC open waterWe made it back into the ocean today! Getting salty and going down in gorgeous blue water really recharged me. In the morning we were in the classroom for knowledge development presentations. Everyone passed and our rising confidence is visible.

After a long and relaxing lunch break (I spent mine drinking a smoothie from a float in our pool) we did some e-selling and then headed down to the dock. The Orca IV was a sight for sore eyes! We had a quick ride out to a calm bay and splashed in for our first open water presentations. After we rotated through our skills we practiced CESAs and rescues. After rescues we did our 800m swim and rode back to the marina with the glow of the setting sun behind us. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s open water presentations. All in all I think that is the component of the IE that I am personally most nervous for, so I’m looking forward to the practice. Plus once after the classroom and the ow presentations we get a fun dive, and I could really use a fun dive where I can turn off my brain. Well, the pillow is calling my name so I can have wonderful dreams of bubbling around tomorrow!