Sleep took over after my sugar crash last night, so I’m a day late with my recap. Better late than never! Yesterday we started our day in the pool for our second confined water presentations. Everyone was even more comfortable presenting, but we had some 1 clubs- womp womp. I was one of the very lucky ones, but as disappointing as it was I learned a valuable lesson! Now instead of reading in two out of three places about the course and the skill I will not always read in ALL THREE locations. It is really nice having six different skills demoed and explained everyday because we can absorb and learn from everyone else’s presentations. In addition to our pool schools we are practicing our rescues every single day and getting more confident with those.

After the pool we dried off and then enjoyed some fresh air as we took our first dive theory exam. One hundred questions and one and a half hours later our minds were mush, but I passed all sections and now know what I need to focus on for studying before the next practice exam and the theory test in the IE. After a break we went to the classroom for the first time for a lesson on conducting open water dives. Today we will plan our open water dives and go out in the ocean tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to get back in the ocean!

Our 7th IDC buddy arrived yesterday evening so we will have a big group from now on. Also, yesterday was Georgia’s birthday so we had some cake and celebrated her! I love that we can always balance work, study, and play here. Cheers to today’s knowledge development presentations and classroom sessions!