Whew- Day two was a lot longer than day one, but we really learned a lot. We had two (yes, two!) presentations, one knowledge development and one confined water presentation, and we are all on a steep learning curve. We started the day with learning how to develop and teach knowledge reviews before creating our own. We spent about an hour preparing our outlines and developing our lesson and then presented it to the group. Everyone was quite nervous to present in front of our peers, but we all did a great job and know what we all need to work on for the next 2 presentations. Everyone gained something from watching each lesson, and I am continually impressed with how well the three non-native english speakers present in english! Really learning spanish is next on my list after becoming and instructor… well, and after doing some tec training.

After our presentations and a lunch break we hopped in the pool for our first confined water presentations. Everyone was even better with those presentations, and you can tell we are quickly gaining confidence with every task. Not only did everyone kick butt on their presentations, but we also had several laughs along the way. After cleaning gear and drying off we cracked a few beers and did some extra problems and review for our dive theory practice exam tomorrow. Although we stayed a few hours longer at the shop than I would’ve liked, we got a lot accomplished today and with every passing hour we feel better about the IE.

Bed time is fast approaching and I need to prepare for my confined water presentation tomorrow, so buenos sueños y hasta mañana (see I can totally put off the spanish until after Tec 40 and 45)!