The long awaited January IDC is just around the corner. Starting Monday at 8:30 we have a full two-week schedule before the IE that begins on January 31st.  All of the training we have acquired is coming together, and heads are deep in the books for the final countdown. But with the e-learning, workbooks, practice problems, and plenty of opportunities we’ve had to practice skills, I ain’t scared! Maybe Georgia should be scared about how prepared we are. So bring it, examiner (just kidding, you can be nice)!

Over the past 2+ months at Oceans Unlimited I’ve had a very steep learning curve. After completing our divemaster certification, my fellow DMs and I jumped into a very busy Christmas week. There were many lessons taken away from that week (like the need for good time management, nutrition, and lots of sleep) that will help us all not only in the IE but also as we begin our careers as instructors. We have great instructors and role models here that have included us or let us observe their courses whenever they can. Almost every day there is some lesson, tool, or trick to put into the mental bank for the future. From assisting with DSDs to equipment training to “discover tec” dives, I know my training here has exceeded my expectations and I am and will be a stronger dive professional for it. Now to make them proud, put it all together, and ace this IE! I’ll fill you in on my progress throughout. Hasta luego!