Hi Georgia, I couldn’t log in to the website, please find this article about diving below;) Title: Everyday is like Saturday when you dive. Today is already 2nd of January, we all know how quickly time flies, especially if you do what you love to do. Two months ago I started my dive master course and today I am getting ready to read a book about how to become an instructor. With an instructor course I also started my internship with oceans unlimited. To work towards my course I help in the office with general phone and internet bookings, which gives me completely new experience but also I don’t get to dive every day. Fist time in my life I feel addicted and few days away from diving makes me feel very anxious. Becoming a dive master completely changed my life and I hope is that one day my hobby will become my everyday work. From childhood, my mother called me a fish. If there was water, I was in it even if it meant splashing around in puddles after a rainstorm. But there is something about diving that gets me more than anything else. When you dive you don’t need to worry about how you look because no one cares. When I can stretch out underwater and just hang, absolutely motionless, in balance, with my breathing gently lifting me and letting me fall, I feel graceful. When I can swim under the rock, check for octopus, and back out without disturbing anything, I feel graceful. I look at my dive buddies, quiet and stable, streamlined and efficient, and they look elegant, and I hope I look that way to them. Diving is so calm. It takes all the weight off your shoulders. It’s the best way I’ve found to de stress after few days in the office. It also opens up a whole new world, new friends and the most fun I’ve had in my life. If I do get to dive I am the happiest person ever. Being able to lug your own gear, and help other people on the boat assemble it correctly makes you feel great. Yup tired when you get out, but so ready to go back. The happiest moment is also after the dive when you get to share your experience and get exicted about 2meters long stingray you have seen or turtle or long big green moray. A few days ago I did my happy dance under water when first time in my life I saw spotted eagle rays swimming just right beside me….you might say how silly that was!!! And above all, in diving, I enjoy a feeling of fellowship with my buddies and friends. There’s camaraderie in this sport that’s simply lovely, born, I think, of the lack of any competitive quality to it. Scuba people are the best people in the world. Emerging, I feel like my soul has been refreshed. It’s such a powerful feeling. I am all ready looking forward to see my name on the diving board!!