Physics for your IDCDay 5 is at a close of the PADI IDC here in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. We have already been working hard in the pool on our skill circuits and rescues and today is our only non-wet day (does that sound right?)Studying hard in the classroom, learning how to present in the open water, when we head out there on Tuesday. Yesterday, we completed our dive theory exam. Its definitely one of the more daunting moments during the IDC when you have to complete all 5 of the exams. Topics covered are physics, physiology, equipment, dive skills, and the RDP. These skills have been covered already in the divemaster program but not in as much depth as you need to know for the PADI instructor course. Physics, tends to be almost everyones pet peeve, followed closely by physiology. There is no need for that though. If you start looking through your theory in plenty of time then you should be prepped by the time you start your IDC. Here we always cover our theory exams early on in the course so that you can recover everything you need before the exam starts. An easy way to do it is to check the back of the diving knowledge workbook where you will find a checklist for the instructor exam. Make your way through that list and you will cover everything you need.
Physics, what do you need to remember ? At the front of your exam booklet you are always given the constants, for example 1.03kg for salt water. Other important things you need to remember are for example,how much faster does heat travel in water than air and sound. One is four times and the other is 20 times. Easy way to remember…heat is hotter than sound, therefore greater therefore the larger number. As long as the concept is simple, you will be able to remember it. Another example that I like to use is to compare pressure and behavior of gases with stuffing a cupboard full of “toys”. The more pressure you put on the door, the more things you can get inside. Technically in this case, the more gas you can get the liquid to absorb.
Before you start your IDC, we always offer a free IDC prep which includes dive theory study time. Get your head around the key concepts before you even start the IDC. This is going to make your IDC sooo much more enjoyable, less stressful and fun! That’s what its about right?
After some fun theory yesterday, the talks are going well today. Tomorrow we will be back in the pool for more presentations and with the onsite pool here, jumping in and putting in that extra practice has never been easier!!!
I am definitely expecting some top scores on the circuit tomorrow!!!