Having just wrapped up a PADI IDC instructor course here in Kansas, Discover Scuba workshop - PADI IDCwe have had fun and learnt a lot as always, but one of the funniest moments was during some of our discover scuba diving workshop. As part of your PADI instructor course you learn about how to organize and conduct different scuba courses. One of the courses we break down is the PADI discover scuba diving experience which is a taster program, try dive is you will for anyone that wants to try it out. As part of this workshop the instructor candidates practice briefing with materials, including a flip chart, they practice demonstrating Discover scuba skills for students, as well as supervision techniques and organization. A fun way of putting this together, for me i find is starting off with the discover scuba flip chart and then each candidate takes it in turn to brief from that. once each candidate has practiced briefing we move onto the skills section, with everyone taking it in turns to teach a skill. Now, during the PADI IDC we teach so that a scuba instructor can break down a skill into its components, demonstrate it and then help the student practice and learn this. During practice, with an IDC, problems are assigned and then students correct them. by the time we hit the discover scuba diving workshop, instructor candidates are pretty well practiced with that, which allows us us to have some ‘additional fun’. For this portion I don’t assign problems, I allow the students to completely role-play and improvise the role of a Discover scuba student, which, invariably leads to hilarity. This last workshop in particular, we had a great group of students and some “slightly’ over-exaggerated problems.Needless to say we had ‘regulators being deflated?!” as well as lost students (in a pool?!) and more. By the time we had finished my sides hurt, BUT most importantly, everyone had fun and we had looked at organization , tools and skills with a PADI discover scuba experience! Looking forward to the next one already!