There’s never a dull moment here in Quepos, Costa Rica, being here at Oceans Unlimited and training to be a divemaster makes it that much more exciting. Earlier this week I got to help out on an Advanced Open Water Class for 2 days, out on the dive boat on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It’s amazing how things change when you are training to be a divemaster, you start adopting a sort of 360 vision. When I noticed the AOWs tank slipping down during a dive I jumped right there to fix it. That kind of experience is both challenging and rewarding, plus helping with the AOW gave me a review on things like navigation and search and recovery. I can definitely see myself improving.

Outside the water is just as fantastic. I’ve been here 2 weeks and already the Oceans Unlimited crew are like family. Staying at the homestay has given me a chance to get to know new people as well and the opportunity to practice my spanish. Aside from all of that I have been exploring Quepos and Manuel Antonio, keeping and eye out for sloths and other jungle critters. Yesterday I went down to the beach for a surf lesson in the morning. It was incredible just being out there on the water doing something new and sooo addictive and fun! I could barely wrap my head around it! I just got up, walk to the beach and spent a couple of hours learning to surf. It’s incredible!! After that, it was off to the shop to learn about equipment repair. It’s just a constant stream of new experiences and opportunities, from National Parks to diving to Walking around the little town of Quepos. I don’t think I can ever get bored…..