Whoever said there’s no good diving around the central Pacific of Costa Rica obviously hadn’t been to Manuel Antonio.  The nutrient-rich water brings in big pelagics and the volcanic rock reefs are full of life on every dive.  Sure, the conditions aren’t the “easiest” in the world, but that’s what makes it such a great place to train!

I’ve just completed my divemaster and instructor certifications with Go Pro Costa Rica and Oceans Unlimited in Quepos, Costa Rica and can’t speak highly enough of the experience.  The entire crew at Oceans works very hard to provide safe and fun diving and Georgia, JT and Bob all ensure top notch training.  After my courses, I definitely feel well prepared for a lifetime of professional-level diving all over the world.

So, what’s it like?  Oceans Unlimited has several divemaster trainees (or DMTs) at any given time, which brings a fun and dynamic atmosphere to the shop as everyone comes and goes, forming lifelong friendships over the course of their program.  As you go through your mapping project, rescue scenarios and skill circuits in the pool, you really become like family.  Once finished, you realize not just how skilled you’ve become and ready you are to take on all the floaters they can throw at you, but also how useful those DMTs are  and the rest of them team for helping carrying tanks and cleaning out the oh-so-hated cooler.

Having completed the divemaster course with Georgia, I realized just how well she’d prepared us when I began the Instructor Development Course (IDC).  My class and I breezed through the pool and open water presentations because, thanks to her help, we already had prepared our skills to presentation quality.  I’m proud to say that thanks to everyone here, I am now a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and all of my classmates passed the Instructor Examination with flying colors.

I truly can’t say enough for the level of quality training I’ve received at Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro Costa Rica and can’t thank the entire crew enough for their help, support, laughs and rum drinks over the last few months.  So thanks and congratulations to Georgia, Bob, JT, Ile, Ollie, Eddie, Sunshine 2, Dunk, Noodles, Flipper, Munster, Marcus, Josh, Homebody, Bumper, and Thumper