So, how quickly time flies, with the April PADI IDC already at a close. On a lovely sunny day we have launched into the IE with plenty of nail biting and nerves all around. So then, what have we learned over the past week…..thinking of some prominent lessons here. One of the more important lessons being control and safety of students. What shone here was the fact that in bad visibility (thank you unexpected swell!) the students excelled at control. Hanging on the line, keeping a close eye on every wayward student and problem was fantastic. Some very valuable lessons in the pool were actually making sure your students completed the performance objective. If it says “water to deep to stand” make sure your students can’t stand up. The classic look of realization when you read the objective and notice the mistake is awesome! So, can you tie your three knots, and not confuse them with any other ? I hope so, we certainly worked on that. Can you use and teach how to use a lift bag ? I would hope so to, without swimming over the top of it ! Yes, valuable lesson there too. One of the best I believe for this Instructor course in particular was being clear on your descriptions. If you say, “take your regulator out and hold it securely” even though it is supposed to be a mask removal skill, guess what, your students just might follow your instructions!
All in all a fun learning experience and now onwards to the rest of the instructor Exam, Good luck all !