So Day one of the new PADI IDC scuba instructor course is underway here in Quepos, Costa Rica. And the exciting thing here is that we are at our new facility! One of the hugest improvements I have seen, is the fact we have our on-site pool. That means, that before class, after class, any free time you have can be spent in the pool, whether it is for skill practice, confined water set up or anything else you want. Our latest class of future scuba instructors have been in and out of the pool over the past couple of days preparing for the start of this course, and prep was put to the test today with the first confined water circuit with a complete skill circuit of 20 skills, and the first confined water presentation by each candidate. We had our first member of the 1.0 club, but as the learning curb goes, you can only then go up! One thing that can be taken is that it was a mistake that no one else will make in the future, make sure your student meets the performance requirements whether it is to swim a distance or time! Tomorrow, second presentaion and …duh, duh duuhhh!!! Theory exams!!! I can feel the excitement in the air!