Bottom Line up Front:  I was an Instructor and mentor for over thirty years of Military and Military Type of Service, Miss King at all times Teaches and Instructs on the Highest Professional Level, and is a huge asset to the PADI Community and Oceans Unlimited.  With that being said I will cover the training I received to attain my IDC Staff Instructors certification.

Lectures:  Where conducted in a very professional manner and setting by Miss Georgia King.  Not only does she teach in a methodical and precise manner as to instill and reinforce the PADI Standards.  She is a fun Instructor who has a vast amount of practical experience and training to draw from.  She is an instructor that others would want to emulate.

PE / Presentations:  Her teaching method sets one up for success.  She insists that the IDC Staff Instructor students sit through all IDC candidates Lectures and Presentations.  This helps out greatly to insure that there no doubt of the requirements and responsibilities that will be placed on the future IDC Staff Instructor.  She expects these students to be better than the IDC Candidates and gives them the Tools and Knowledge to achieve these expatiations.  When learning to grade the IDC Candidates this training completed in three phases.  You will Observe Georgia evaluate, grade or mark them properly debrief them, the IDC Candidate.  Next session you will evaluate, grade or mark them and then compare your marks to hers and explain how and why you reached your decision.  She inquires as to how you reached your decision and helps you to refine your ability to find praise and short falls that can help and IDC Candidate achieve their goal and pas the Instructor’s Exam or IE.  In the third phase you are at the point where your marks are parallel with the Course Directors and are given to opportunity to debrief the student or students, thus building yourself confidence

Testable knowledge:  Georgia has the uncanny ability of not only teaching your what is required to pass any exam or practical exercise, but any possible real world test that could possibly pops its nasty head up.  She cannot teach one every possible scenario that could physically happen, but she will do her best to cover all of them.


In closing if you wish learn and grow in a Professional Scuba Training Environment and Shop look no further than the Oceans Unlimited PADI 5 Star IDC and their Course Director Miss King and to expand and enhance your Diving Career!