First Aid training is a vital part of any dive professionals path. As a scuba diving professional you need to be prepared in the face of any emergency, be able to assess a scene, think out a plan and act upon it. But why just keep it in the diving world? First aid training can also be a valuable skill in any walk of life, whether at home or with family, at school, your local Gym or in the community. Our main focus here at Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro Costa Rica is on the scuba profession, but here in Costa Rica, and especially here in the Quepos area we also apply our courses to help train other professionals. Whether its rafting, zip-lining or any other adrenaline packed activity we have helped train a large number of guides and professionals in the area. So how does this apply to you I hear you cry ?!! Look around you, I am sure there are a large number of people and/or groups that would benefit from first aid and CPR training.

Today, on a wonderfully hot January day, whilst the ocean was blue and glistening (yes…and ¬†I am in class all day, albeit a fun one : ) ) I took to training our next batch of first aid professionals. Now, this time , all of the students present were looking to go on and complete a PADI instructor course later , during the month of January, but today was just CPR training. ¬†Standards and procedures were covered, organizing courses, Care for children, and then all afternoon was spent running through, and practicing everyones techniques, ensuring that all skills were demonstration quality! At this point, the best part of the day…exams…ok, maybe not for the students, but after a hectic afternoon, of mannekins, bandages and CPR, it is a nice kinda calm. So, what do you think ? Maybe it’s your turn to become a CPR instructor ?!!