side mount course costa ricaSo with everything in the world there are trends and developments as technology evolves and diving is no exception. Whilst technical diving has been around of years it is experiencing a definite boom right now as more and more people want to explore just that little bit further, go deeper etc and tec diving opens that door.  One of the newer disciplines of tec diving recently is now sidemount diving. Again, this has actually been around for a few years, especially in the cave diving community (like REAL cave diving, aka. squeezing through tiny holes , not everyones cup of tea for sure !). As tec divers for a number of years and a technical diving center we thought it seemed right that our next progression was also to start teaching sidemount here in Quepos along with our other technical dive offerings. PADI has made the transition super easy so enabling you to try out side mount diving  either as a recreational diver with the PADI sidemount course or in conjunction with our Tec diver courses which we offer from Tec 40 through to Tec Deep and Tec Deep instructor. But why sidemount diving ?

It allows;

  • an alternative way to streamline in the water
  • easier equipment transportation when topside
  • reduced lower back strain
  • provides redundant gas supply
  • ability to monitor all equipment because it’s in front of you
  • increased gas supply for longer dives

Because you are able to move the cylinder from your back to your side, it instantly takes the pressure off of your back and gives you more flexibility to move and enjoy your dive.  Plus, you don’t have to walk to the dive site with the cylinders on your back. You can enter the water and clip them on and go. How easy ?!!

The Tec sidemount course is the technical certification for sidemount,where you won’t just be diving with 1 tank on each side you will also be mounting deco bottles. It can easily be combined and taught alongside our other technical courses. With Go Pro, we will integrating some of our packages with sidemount training so that as an up and coming professional diver you will get the chance to try out this form of diving too. The more experience you have going out into the diving world the better I always think….