So your PADI Instructor course begins, what do you need to expect ? The PADI instructor course has evolved somewhat over the past few years and in 2009 underwent a new revamp including putting sections of it online. Now whilst I was initially opposed to this development, this past year I have decided to embrace this option completely because, not only  does it allow you as an IDC candidate to study at your own pace, but it allows me to take the time we have during the IDC and enhance it even more, by allowing more time in the water, working on teaching workshops, and supervision practice to additional adventures in diving training, rescue training and “blow off some steam” fun diving !! The one on one classroom session time in general is reduced and once again we can spend everyday during the IDC in the water. There are PADI standards on exactly how many confined water sessions and open water sessions must be included, but I take this as a bare minimum, and with the upcoming movement of our shop to an onsite pool facility , this is going to make it even easier than before !

First you will finish your online portion, this covers and introduces you to who and what PADI actually is and the basis for their system of teaching. It also covers standards and procedures and risk management among some other topics, which are then reiterated later on during the face to face classroom sessions. Once that is finished, you will start with a intro classroom session before invariably heading to the pool. During all of the classroom sessions, you will cover, how to teach, how to break down a class and what materials, equipment, to use and teach effectively. Each of the courses that as a PADI open water instructor you will teach will also be covered. What are the standards ? What materials etc do you need ? As mentioned earlier, you will most likely have a lecture a day , but then the rest is in water. This is where you will perfect your demo skills, which if you have had good divemaster training, should be relatively simple, practice your teaching presentations both confined and open water and practice teaching skills. With some of the extra in water time I like to cover supervision during ascents and descents, of students, (not as easy as you initially may think !! ) as well as CESA workshops, and the most popular, adventures in diving workshop. With this we head out on a couple of dives from the advanced open water course, this could be search and recovery, deep, or even navigation ! As a candidate you will get the chance to teach one of the skills and then switch roles to a student for a fellow students chance at instructor. As it is not generally assessed so formally as other open water sessions it allows you to have even more fun and blow some good bubbles !!!

Once your IDC is complete it’s off to the PADI instructor exam which is a 2 day assessment run by PADI head office. Even though, it is essential to pass and nerve wracking, after all of the preparation you have had during your IDC you will feel comfortable and hopefully with no worries!!! That down , welcome to your new exciting life as a Super awesome PADI scuba diving instructor !!!! Welcome to the dream.


Don’t forget that if you complete your PADI Instructor course with us here at Go Pro Costa Rica you can also get your divemaster training for free if completing as part of an internship !