June 20th already eek! The season is already starting to wind down a bit here (not much!) and finally I am getting to head out to Cano island this coming weekend. adventure diving here I come! I will post a full trip report when I get back after swimming with the sharks : ))) I have my official wish list for the trip, sharks, rays usual stuff but more importantly for me I will be looking for the slightly more elusive customers like frogfish, some cool brightly colored nudibranchs and I want to see the resident Goliath Grouper! I am going armed with camera and a GoPro so I think I can guarantee I won’t see him ; ( Its a full day trip so I am planning already. Back at the shop and here in Manuel Antonio we have had some surprisingly nice diving this past week. I say surprisingly, just because it is rainy season, yet the sun is shining and the water is beautiful and blue. we have had turtle , ray and lots and lots of reef fish spottings. I have actually been dive guiding a couple of times this week so that was fun, its nice to breath underwater still. I use that time underwater to think sometimes, as its a non distraction environment, no phones, no messages, just bubbles. Is its always fun there to think of new ideas for programs, and training. we are hopefully looking to make a big move soon with the shop to an onsite pool area, which would open up a whole new bunch of opportunities we can offer to budding dive professionals and more. I can finally start offering tec tryouts at the pool which will be awesome and I think as part of ofprofessional level dive programs it would be great to expose the dive candidates to more types of diving that they can encounter in the future. I’m thinking out load here but side mount, double tanks, anything else? Also , its gives everyone here the chance to jump in the pool for skill circuit practice whenever they want. How cool is that? Okay, train of thought over. Look out for a report and maybe some cool photos after Sunday!!