As part of our practice in the instructor course, we run a discover scuba diving workshop. This is also great for divemasters in training. A discover scuba program is an opportunity for someone who hasn’t tried before the chance to blow their first bubbles underwater. I pick my four guinea pigs (; ))) ) who invariably are friends of mine, looking to try scuba, and then let our Go Pro candidates loose!! Its a great opportunity to practice teaching techniques, problem solving, and briefing skills. The class starts with a full Discover scuba briefing where we cover, rules of scuba, what to expect and safety aspects. Following that it’s on with the equipment and into the pool. First skill, Regulator breathing and BCD inflate and deflate on the surface. Do you remember what your first breaths were like underwater? after swimming around in the bottom of the pool for a while it’s time for some more skills. Next up, regulator purging, reg recovery and then some mask skills. All completed successfully, so we move onto the most important part of the exercise, underwater frisbee and toypeo toss….YeeHaaa!!!! Enjoyed by all. Our Go Pro candidates got the chance to flex their teaching muscles, answering some genuine questions, correcting real problems and getting ready for the PADI instructor exam. Tomorrow, back to the pool before heading to open water. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!!!