A review as written by Yadi, Divemaster trainee Dec – January 2012

I get up at 5 am during daybreak and take the bus to the national park. After walking 30 minutes in the tropical forest, I jump into an 8-meter waterfall and WOW. Back to the beach, I enjoy the early morning and go to work after swimming in the ocean. Now, it’s time for diving! Before DM course, I was taught how to dive, but as a DMT, I was also taught how to fill the tanks, fix the gear, talk to customer, identify problems, help on the boat, reassure the DSDs…and dive while having the ability to help others. I hit the water at around 9 am and lead the group to see some eels, school of big surgeon fishes, sharks whales and… you know, AWESOME creatures in the water. In the afternoon, RAFTING trip with Georgia! It gets even more excited when all the boats flip and I find myself underwater again without a regulator. To make this day long enough, I take a walk in the national park and after seeing enough monkeys, sloths, crocodiles, and raccoons for one day, I rest on the beach again, enjoying the sunset and Pilson. If you do have any energy left which I don’t, you can go out with friends during the night: although Quepos is a small little girl but she parties every single day.

This is a really nice day with Oceans Unlimited as a DMT. Since I am a lazy person, it took me a month to do all these. Still, they are the possible things you can do within a day and there are a whole lot of other options. As a DMT with Oceans Unlimited, bucear is fun, so is vida.