We have gone from day 1 of the PADI IDC and “just like that” it’s finished. Time has flown. We have had some great presentations both in the pool, class and the ocean with the open water presentations. This was the first PADI IDC where everyone has taken part in the PADI e-learning. Because of that we were able to spend more time focusing on practical exercises and most importantly diving. Here at Go Pro Costa Rica we used our extra time to work on more inwater workshops including CESAs, descents, adventures in diving program, deep skills and search and recovery skills control workshops. With the pool sessions as well we did extra development of demonstration skills, Discover scuba diving workshops and even a skin diving program ! As each day passes by the initial stress and worry of completing a PADI scuba instructor course passes by and the candidates settle down into a rhythm and schedule of assignments, talks ┬á(don’t like to use the word lectures ; P) and practical exercises. By the last 2 days there was a lot more laughter and fun as the format of all was known. The discover scuba diving workshop, tag team briefings of the course followed by Demonstrations and problem solving, with the students this time having their own chance to throw in problems to solve, (within reason!) ┬áInwater demonstrations where great and the laughter underwater was hard to miss. For the open water presentations we finished up with an adventures in diving workshop, additional practice with the knots, and life bag as search and recovery adventure dive is always a fun and skill packed dive. This was a great opportunity for our divemaster trainees to sit in as well and practice their search and recovery scenarios.