Officially our first PADI IDC in a little while (maybe a year!!) after the brief hiatus which is super exciting! With 4 budding instructor candidates and an enthusiastic Course Director it’s going to be fun! I shook it up a bit now as with everyone arriving early and wanting to get some diving in we hit the online option and got some of our academics done beforehand. This has proved beneficial as it allows not only, the candidate the chance to cover the presentation at their own pace but allows us more time in the water for the rest of the course. We have scheduled additional pool time, ocean presentations and skill practice! What can be better than that?! After some introductions, we looked at both presentations in the pool and presentations in the classroom. Conducting a confined water dive is key as it is the first chance a student gets to breath underwater, so we talk about organizing, breaking down skills, briefing and problem solving. A lot of stuff to take in first time, but today, they get to practice it in the pool for the first time. Exciting!! We also looked at classroom presentations, how to present information that a student may have missed in a knowledge review or exam. I didn’t want to much prep work the first day so we will be doing our first knowledge review presentations on Saturday. Now it’s off to the pool to see how everyone prepared….