The christmas rush is over and we things have slowed down just a fraction but our divemaster and instructor programs here at Go Pro keep moving forward. A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to explore some offshore pinnacles which was a great opportunity to get some experience deep diving. There were some pretty amazing currents along with  plenty of fish life, some large amberjacks, moray eels as far as you could see and even a chorus of whales in the background. Whilst trying not to get distracted, being an isolated reef, it is a good environment to practice safety procedures, following your dive plan and leading, all important as a dive pro. Also with the dive depths of 35m, it is heading towards that first step of technical diving, Tec 40. As the only PADI Tec Rec dive center we will definitely be expanding on our course offerings for that in the future.

Our first Divemaster candidates of the season have already finished, congrats, Ben, Kaitlin and Yadi and with the first IDC oncoming up next week, we are looking forward to some fun in the pool and ocean. Becoming a PADI instructor can open the door to a whole new world of possibilities including traveling the world, doing your dream job. Our next group of Divemasters in training will be on their way to completing their training soon, and may even continue on to complete their instructor to. After this IDC in Feb we have our next one at the beginning of May and then in August. Today there is Discover scuba classes to help out on and an open water program, plenty to learn and work with. Tomorrow, Advanced and more, with this variety of classes there is plenty to keep every one busy with their Go Pro programs !