With the super crazy busy xmas week almost over we are well into high season Yeah!!! Water is looking nice, and warm, rays and sharks are out and about, turtles have been spotted and even the elusive guitar fish has made an appearance, so what do we work on with the divemaster and instructor trainees, during all this madness??……….Skills!!!! An essential part of any professional dive course to brushen up your skills , as well as fun bubbling almost every day. With all of the discover scuba diver classes, open water referrals and more, there has been plenty of opportunities for everyone to assist in the confined water with classes, so to practice demonstrations before hand is key. With the full skill circuit of 24 skills including skin diving skills there is plenty to work on, and once your pro training is over there is no need to stop practicing and polishing them. There was some good hovering and pivoting skills, as well as reg recovery and mask skills. So circuits and practice over, Now to demo to some real time students. With even more classes coming up it’s a perfect time to get in the pool and put the practice to work!