So the next IDC is a just over a month away and right now we are focused on PADI Divemaster Training. Definitely one of the benefits of completing the Divemaster Internship program is that you get to gain a lot of experience with real classes. Helping instructors and other divemasters work with clients and students can give you a real insight into what to expect when you start working in the dive industry. Last week, we had a class of 6 open waters and for divemaster trainee Michael, it was being thrown in the deep end. After a quick briefing into what to expect we started off in the pool. With an open water class there is a lot to cover in the pool and the main job of an assistant is logistics, extra weights, watching everyone who is not under direct supervision of the instructor. With slightly larger classes this can be a bit tricky as not everyone always does what they are supposed too!! When pool was done we headed out to the ocean to complete our dives. Michael did a great job of helping keep everyone together which in reduced visibility it can be difficulty. One of the advantages of working in reduced viz though is that it will certainly improve your control and supervision of a group! For a first open water class, as a divemaster trainee it definitely was a challenge but was certainly met. Nice Job! Now this afternoon, 8 discover scubas in the pool. Ready…action!!!