Day 1 of the PADI Instructor Deveopment Course (IDC) begins. New Instructors here we go! On a bright and sunny day everyone sat down with their loaded crewpacks and materials looking through the schedule with anticipation about what is to come. Assignments were handed out intros made and the day was rounded out with a well done skill circuit. Lesson learnt: Don’t confuse a DIVE ALERT with an inflator (ouch!)
Day 2 After a full day in the classroom, interaction was the key. Morning was spent preparing knowledge presentation and discussing Discover Scuba Diving followed by Confined water discussions in the afternoon. After spending the first day outside, Damien decided that he would prefer the air conditioning and managed to figure out how to open the new doors by pushing his nose at the right angle. It didn’t take him much before he then contributed to the discussion at the end of the day with strange vocalisations presumably indicating he was tired after a long day at the IDC, much to the amusement of others.
Presentations start tomorrow!
Day 3 of the IDC at Oceans Unlimited in Costa Rica dawned sunny and bright. After a full day in the classroom yesterday getting into the pool was looked forward too. After some great presentations from the guys on Search patterns and ascents we headed up to the pool. For an extra challenge each person was given an extra presentation for the pool. Everyone did great for their first time at confined water teaching, but Anton the divemaster felt a bit unused so was “encouraged” to swim around during one of the last presentations. Remember….make sure your assistants are being used effectively! Here comes the open water tomorrow : )
Day 4 An overcast morning turned into sunshine and blue skies as our intreped IDC candidates started the first open water preparation. Some unexpected currents made the descent workshop impossible at first, however the CESA workshop, though challenging was successful. Good to try a new skill in tough conditions, you will always learn more from it! Our second dive was in the quiet bay of Biesanz in Manuel Antonio and this time, after a practice descent, we moved into the presentations. The conditions were not easy with some surge and low visibility after the rains but everyone did really well and scored well, after we even had time to play around with the lift bag afterwards! Remember guys…the last place you want to be when someone else is using a lift bag is beneath it especially when there’s a big weight belt attached ; )
Day 5 Emergency Fisrt Response Instructor Course-

Where are those pads guys?!Where are those pads guys?!

We took a break from the IDC today and worked on our first aid skills with the EFR Instructor course. Whilst the morning was spent studying hard the afternoon involved skill practice and coaching sections. Novel problems and laughter ensued as we were faced with upside down baby mannakins and AED pads placed on the side of heads. Damien even manged to get involved with the class. When anyone is playing victim he always feels the urge to lie down next to them for a scratch!
Day 6 Another sunny day begins in Costa Rica, luckily the air conditioning is working well for the Dive Instustry Overview and General Standards and Procedures Lecture. Ins the afternoon we got the change to cool off duirng the 2nd session of Confind Water presentations, lots of fun was had on trying to do the CESA correctly!
Day 7Another beautiful day in Costa Rica, sunny and bright, but our studious candidates were busy with their heads buried in books for the day! Typical, when it rains you’re outside, when its sunny, you’re in! Other students were out on the boat today to witness Divemaster trainee Anton produce a supersonic Stamina test! He must not be using the local Rayovac batteries then! During the afternoon IDC students presented their first prescriptive presentations which went really well and now evryone is looking forward to the adventures in diving program and open water dives tomorrow, with hopefully a bit less current this time ; )
Day 8- The IDC is starting to draw to an end now and today was the last presentations in open water. After some nice rain a couple of days previous the ocean was calm and the visibility decent. The key lesson today was practicing descents and controlling students which proved to be quite tough, especially when you have some one trying to go head first down a line! After an adventures in diving workshop where everyone got to play around with knots and lift bags the instructor candidates and Divemasters to be who were helping out all had to complete their 800m snorkels. We decided to make ourselves comfy on the bow of the boat and turned it into a bit of a karaoke session with the nice new loud speakers and PA system to cheer on the snorkeling students! Top points for Kats rendition of “I want to know what love is” and for Drew pulling of a fast snorkel swim and a pair of red rocket fins. Extra mention to Conrad the DMT who managed it. end of story!
Day 9 A usual early start at 8(ish!) started well. Expectations are high as the IDC starts to wrap up. The last inwater training session began in the afternoon as the storm clouds started to roll in. With 2 presentations each there was a relaxed atmosphere and we decided to throw some creative and dramatic affects into the problems. I think that honourable mantion should go to Frederico for so expertly placing and clearing an upside mask, and to James for throwing his regulator and mask so dramaticaly at the same time. Well done to the candidates for staying in control and giving such excellent presentations whilst trying not to laugh into their regulators. ; )
Day 10- Is today with final lectures on the Divemaster Course and Diver Retention Programs, Candidates shone in theri final prescription presentations. Everybody is looking forward to the BBQ celebrations tonight and one day off to do last minute study before the IE. Guys you have been fantastic candidates and I hope taht you have enjoyed your IDC as much as we have enjoyed teeaching you. Best of luck in your instructor exams!!
By Georgia and Kat