Dive and Surf in Costa Rica

Not only do you get to have fun under the water in Manuel Antonio with Go Pro Costa Rica you can also have fun on top of the waves! Th only place in Central America to Dive and Surf is here. Never tried surfing before? Now is your chance and with a free surf lesson with every Go Pro package it is the perfect time to start.

dive and Surf Costa RicaWhy Dive and Surf with Go Pro Costa Rica ?

The area of Manuel Antonio and Quepos caters to every level of surfer. Depending on the time of the month, a big swell can come in, when it can be great for the more adventurous surfer. All times of year there are beginner breaks as well as something for the intermediate too. Go Pro Costa Rica is the ONLY place in Costa Rica where you can receive both scuba diving professional training and get the chance to surf as well. Whether you are looking for your first free lesson or some coaching, or just a pointer to the right place to go, at Go Pro we can help you out.

What other place can you dive in the morning and surf at sunset , or vice versa ?

If you want to focus more time on your surfing  and get some local know-how, we now include some surf-coaching packages to suit you. Whatever type of combo you are looking for we can out it together with surf and dive Costa Rica. Contact us today for more information on our surf and dive packages.

The  main beach in Manuel Antonio stretches for about 2 km and as such has a couple of different spots to surf. Although it is not known as a prime surfer destination like neighboring Jaco, there are some fun beach breaks and with everything else you can do in the surrounding area it is not a place to be missed.


Quepos rivermouth – Boca Quepos

A long, perfect left coming off of the recently built marina. At low tide, you can catch some nice hollow, strong waves.  Best conditions with a west/northwest swell at low tide.


This is a short beach break located at the northern most end of the beach in Manuel Antonio and is definitely not for beginners. The best condition arrive with a  with a medium to large swell from the south/southwest and at mid to high tide. With the break situated next to a small river run off beware of the local wildlife (crocodiles!)


Located in front of the main beach area with a great restaurant to sit back and watch, this is one of the more popular spots on the beach.With the presence of a large swell, this beach break offers a strong & often tubular left and right. The best conditions can be found between mid to high tide all year round.

BajoDive and Surf Costa Rica

A strong, yet short left & right point located just south of Playitas. This spot is a favorite for local boogie boarders. The best conditions can be found with a small to medium swell between mid to high tide.