Who will you be working with ?

Georgia King is our Training Director here at Go Pro Costa Rica. Originally from England, she has been diving in Costa Rica for 12 years and started the Go Pro Professional and technical training school in 2009. She is a PADI Course Director and instructor trainer in a number of specialties as well as being a DSAT Tec Rec Instructor trainer and TDI instructor. Georgia focuses her time on running both divemaster, instructor and marine conservation programs here in Costa Rica and teaching all aspects of our technical courses. When not scuba diving she likes to spend time with her family hiking the rainforest trails and relaxing on the beach. Check out her Scubabunny blog here.

James "JT" Timney

A retired Army Sergeant, he became an instructor in 2012 and has been with us here in Costa Rica ever since. He oversees much of the PADI Divemaster internship program and is when not diving likes to spend his time cruising with “Fiona” his Harley.

Katharine Evans

Kat is originally from England and assists with teaching our PADI IDC and marine conservation programs. She is extremely passionate about the Ocean as a Marine Biologist, and likes to dedicate her time to all of our conservation and eco efforts.

Our current and upcoming interns

November/December 2016


Divemaster Intern Why a dive pro? As a biologist, I am both fascinated by the life in our oceans and deeply coBecause of my love for the ocean. It is the place where I am happiest and most at peace. Ultimately, I want to work in conservation and research. Favorite sea creature? octopuses, because of the complexity of their behavior.


Divemaster Intern, from Richmond Virginia. Wants to become a dive pro as she would love to work in the conservation field in the future. Favorite sea creature is the cuttlefish because it makes a wibbly shape when it swims. hmmm?!


Divemaster Intern from Bielefeld, Germany. Why a Dive Pro? I want to combine my passion of diving with videography. Favourite sea creature? Don’t really have one, I would say all small fish as I am fascinated by their swarm behaviour.

January 2017


Divemaster Intern de Barcelona, España. De padres biólogos marinos, ellos me han transmitido la pasión por el mar. Profesionalmente me quiero dedicar a la protección y conservación de entornos marinos.Como animal favorito; Los cnidarios, Me fascina la gran variedad de formas, colores y mecanismos de adaptación de estos organismos.


Divemaster Intern From Bend, Oregon. Why a dive pro? I recently got my degree in Environmental Science and am interested in pursuing a degree in Oceanography. Favorite creature: Green Turtle because they always look like they are having a great time lounging on the reef!


Divemaster Intern From Brisbane Australia. Why a dive pro? Because ever since I was small I’ve loved nothing more than the ocean. Diving is my favourite thing and being able to teach others what I love so much seems like such a rewarding job. Favourite creature: sharks.


Divemaster Intern from Perth, Western Australia. Why a dive pro? To further my experience in the dive industry, allow me to work in a job I love around the world and to help me work more effectively in conservation and marine wildlife research. My favourite sea creature is the cuttlefish, because to me they represent a pinnacle in evolution and adaptation as one of the most effective and intelligent predators in the ocean.