Here is some info on our PADI Divemaster internships. We also offer some IDC internships which you can find out about on our PADI IDC page.

Why a PADI Divemaster Internship ?

If you are looking to gain more experience as a Divemaster and want to dedicate at least 2 months to hands on training as a scuba professional then this divemaster internship is for you! You will be assisting in all areas of a resort dive center, whilst you complete your PADI Divemaster training.
Please note, this is an educational internship not a full work exchange as you cannot work in a dive resort as a guide until you have completed your professional training. As such, we offer a discount for helping out during your classes and training.

What does it involve?

With our PADI Divemaster internship you can gain great experience working as part of our team, gaining real hands on experience in areas such as dive center logistics, tank filling and equipment maintenance, supervising and assisting certified divers and dive crew skills.
You will gain valuable experience working with customers from all around the world and seeing how a real working dive resort runs with our integrated resort program During this time you will also be diving most days and having a great time whilst doing so!
We have some different types of internships available if you have any additional skills you can bring to the table. These include Social media and marketing internships.

What extras do I get with Go Pro Internships?

Free resort operation training
Two free specialties
Free self reliant dive training
Deep diver and search and recovery workshops
Equipment maintenance workshops
Marine conservation module
VIP tank inspection certification
Discounted dive equipment from shop

How will I spend my days during the Divemaster Internship ?

During your Divemaster internship, you will be diving most days, assisting both certified divers and students and learning how to become a certified assistant. You will be expected to come to the dive center 6 days a week with hours from 7.00am until 3pm or 10.30am until 5pm. Days can vary, sometimes finishing earlier than that, other days later, depending on courses and trips. It is always a fun day and there is plenty of time to hit the beach, surf or take part in other activities in the area too.
There are a couple of different focuses for your internship depending on your interests, have a look at some examples below.
All this and more when you come and join the team at Go Pro Costa Rica to complete your PADI Divemaster program!

There are also different types of Divemaster and IDC internships available…

Social Media Internship

Have a flair for being social ? Focus your divemaster internship with content and stories on our social media channels !

Content & Media Creator

If you love photography and/or writing and want to ccombine it with your passion for scuba, this could be for you.

Eco Warrior

Want to focus on conservation ? In addition to our ECO divemaster program you can focus you internship on conservation including organization of clean ups, underwater investigations and more.

For a full list of the divemaster course requirements check out our blog posts,  PADI Divemaster requirements Part 1 and PADI Divemaster requirements part 2

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