jacks cruising at Isla del coco

Reflections on the Boat trip home

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I’m on the Okeanos II one of the Agressor Fleet’s live aboard, catching a ride back from Cocos Island. So hard to describe what these last 3 weeks on Isla del Coco have meant to me.
Let me start with what I have done!
– I have dove all the famous dive sites in Isla del Coco; Alcyone, Roca Sucia, All the sites around Isla Manuelita, Dos Amigos Grande and Pequena, Punta Maria, Roca Sumergida, Vikingos, Isla Paraja, and Chatham Bay. Also some sites like Weston and Wafer, that are not open to tourists whilst we were doing research.
– I’ve worked on various projects to help preserve the pristine environment of Isla de Coco. Both the PNIC’s Sustainable Marine Tourism project and a joint project between the PNIC and the Darwin Foundation on invasion marine species.
– I’ve hiked and kayaked to beautiful waterfalls, explore pirate treasure caves.
– I’ve worked along side some amazingly dedicated and hardworking park guards and scientists. Their passion for nature conservation is contagious, it has strengthened my desire to make a difference.
I have learnt so much!
– So much about this fragile, unique ecosystem, about fishing practices, shark finning, invasive species.

I have also learnt about being present. Being a Dive Instructor and mother, quite often I am making plans, enforcing rules and setting the schedule. But not here! As I have mentioned in a previous update, I’ve had the delicious opportunity to be completely present. Allowing myself to change course with the current, immersing myself totally where my help is needed at that moment.
What shall I miss?
The peace – No roads, no cars, no alarms, no TV, very little wifi (enough to communicate but not enough to be online for long) No Netflix!
The people – The camaraderie that I felt in only 3 weeks, being part of the team working to preserve the island.

Kat in Cocos Island

What shall I take with me?
Enormous gratitude and drive to make a change in conserving our wonderful planet.
Would I go back?
Yes, definitely in a heartbeat!

Want to go to Cocos Island?

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jacks cruising at Isla del coco