IDC Diary: Day 6

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My need for a Saturday night mental break took over and I went to the beach to watch the stars by a bonfire, so I apologize for the delayed post. Yesterday morning started with a sobering but important talk about risk management. This is an imperative topic to cover as we begin our career, but there are definitely more fun things to discuss. After risk management we moved on to Adventures in diving which is a much more fun topic!

We took a quick lunch break, packed our gear, and headed to the marina for our open water presentations. We created some limited visibility conditions by accidentally kicking up sand for a few demos, but had a great time and everyone did better than last time or at least learned a valuable lesson. Rescue demos are also getting easier. All in all we are progressing each day and I’m ready for next Sunday to be here already so we can celebrate everyone’s great success (knock on wood)!

Now on to absorb all that Day 7 holds for us…